Getting Started: As a company project, we’ve decided to have a vegetable garden¬†right here at work. The garden will serve as a place to grow a variety of plants and use and photograph GreenCure Fungicide “in action”. ¬†Our building is located at the edge of a corporate park in Conklin, NY (upstate New York).

We get a lot of rain. Rumor has it that this is one of the cloudiest places in the country. Supposedly behind Seattle and right now we’re having a torrential downpour and frequently nights can have a bit of a chill so our climate is an excellent breeding ground for powdery mildew, blights and other fungal diseases.

With this blog, we hope to document our work at putting together a company garden, discuss gardening tips and bring in expert advice about disease control. And in the process, we hope to have a bit of fun too. Thanks,

Pete Yeager
GreenCure Funigicide