Bugs Attack Giant Pumpkin Plants

At first I thought, “These are really colorful little bugs”¬†frolicking and well you know what bugs do a this point in the season on my fledgling giant pumpkin plants. I did a quick Internet search and didn’t find the bug.

Cucumber Beetles on Pumpkin Leaf

The Cucumber Beetle: Colorful But Very Damaging

Too busy, I moved on and then¬†a couple days go by and “WHAM” these little pests are chewing up my plants! If it was other plants in the garden I might not have been real concerned, but these are my big pumpkins and I can’t replace them. I resorted to a bug spray and hopefully I’m not to late, because the larvae which would have resulted from the “frolicking” apparently burrow into the stems. My guess is we

Cucumber Beetle Damage

Cucumber Beetle Damage

will have many trials and tribulations this season and hopefully this will just be one bump that we look back and chalk up in the experience column.

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