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GreenCure now has the OMRI Listing

Friday, November 21st, 2014

GreenCureĀ® Fungicide is now OMRI listed for use in certified organic production according to the USDA National Organic Program Rule.

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Giant Pumpkin and Tomato Blossoms

Monday, June 20th, 2011
Giant Pumpkin

Giant Pumpkin Gets Blossoms

The big leaves are actually about 12 inches across, so this plant is coming along quite well. It has some blossoms, so with some luck and with some help the bees, we should be seeing some mini pumpkins soon!

In other news, the cukes, zuckes and pole beans are all looking good, but it is the Grape Tomato plant that is showing the most promise.

It is full of flowers and has many little tomatoes. I think this will be the first real produce we harvest.

Grape Tomatoes Sprout Flowers and Tomatoes

Grape Tomatoes Sprout Flowers and Tomatoes