Garden Thrives, But Bugs Take Hostages

Cucumber Beetles are a formidable adversary! They killed one of the giant pumpkin plants. This particular plant had gotten to a length of about four feet long and had good sized leaves, but Cucumber Beetles and their larve wrecked the plant and its short life ended in the dumpster.

Looks like a mini-Giant Pumpkin!

With so many plants in bloom including the giant pumkins, I’m reluctant to do a broad pesticide spraying, so we are hand picking beetles and spot spraying the trouble makers. In spite of the bug attacks, it looks like we might have a mini giant pumpkin starting!

Everything else is looking good.

As for the rest of the garden, it’s doing just fine. We’re harvesting excellent cucumbers (apparently cucmber beetles prefer pumkin plants), we have many healthy tomato, squash, pepper, and green bean plants all with¬†vegetables.¬†

Pumpkin killed by Cucumber Beetles



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