Locating the Garden

Where’s The Sun?: It’s been a challenge to figure out where to put the garden. We discovered that the first spot we selected wasn’t really our land. When the snow finally melted away and we found the property iron – well, there wasn’t enough space without encroaching on the neighbor’s lot. Apparently, the fence leaves about ten feet of land on this side that originally seemed to be our land. Rule number one when installing a garden – make sure it’s in your yard!

The next area we considered is between our building and the next industrial building. This seemed perfect. It is near several doors, easy to get to with the dirt and other things we need, plus it gets sun nearly all day. This is very important in Conklin, NY because as I mentioned in the first post – sun can be very rare here. The problem with this location is that if the utility company ever needs to get a truck up to the utility pole our new garden would be in the way.

Finally, we decided the only place we could put the garden was behind the building. The area gets good sun as long as we locate away from the shadows that the building casts. It is more difficult to get to, but it’s secluded, quiet and now that we’ve selected it, I think it is perfect. Ginger and Mike, however, may have a different opinion – there are thousands of rocks that they raked out. It’s a good thing we are putting in raised beds for the veggies but the pumkins will go right in the ground.

So, Ginger and Mike put in the heavy lifting of digging out the rocks and trying to soften up the soil that would be beneath the raised beds. We hired our lawn company to til the grass, so Ginger and Mike had to drag all the grass chucks and rocks out.

It’s a nice out of the way place so much so that it seems like its out in the country rather than in a corporate park. We get to watch the trains roll by in the background.

Our next step was putting up six foot high dog kennel fencing. There are a lot of deer, rabbits and other critters that would love to feast on the garden, so we’ve got to keep them out. Maybe we’ll share some leftovers. These “instant fences” are really awesome. So easy to put up and incredibly sturdy. We’ll pile some of our abundant rocks under the bottom pipe to keep the rabbits out. The beds are two by tens, not pressure treated wood. I know it will eventually rot, but if we get a few years out of them that will be good enough. As you can imagine the fences, tilling, seed lights, soil, seeds and labor has pushed the price tag of the garden into the several year payback range. But we hope it will be a source of fun, photos and good veggies.

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