The Garden Plan

Starting Seeds: (Seeds were started April 6th – see “Gardening With Soule” blog) Looking back, we probably made the same mistake that so many gardeners make, we started our seeds too early. Yeah, I know the snow hadn’t fully melted away from our planned garden area, but we had seeds in our hands and a light rack built out of some old retail shelving – well you know the rest of the story.

It’s a lot easier to start seeds than it is to keep them alive indoors when they should have been in the ground already. All the seeds started strong, but it was the weekend when I was out of town and the sprouts dried out that we lost at least half of the seedlings.  We’ll just start over with some and we might have to resort to a trip to the nursery for our tomato plants. The blog posts at the company’s Gardening With Soule / Garden Shoes Online blog tell the story of our seeds early start and subsequent struggle to keep them going.

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