Weather Watching & Disease Control

Up until now, I haven’t seen the need to be concerned about fungal diseases in the company garden, but with  90% plus humidity, 80 degree temperatures during the day and expected lows at night of 60 degrees over the next several days, this forecast tells me it’s prevention time.

These are perfect conditions for powdery mildew, alternaria (early blight) and other fungal diseases. So even though the garden is looking pretty good and disease free I’ve decided tospray GreenCure preventatively.

Mixing GreenCure

Mixing GreenCure in a Pump Sprayer

I mixed GreenCure at 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. The 1 gallon solo pump sprayer fits perfectly under the rain barrel spout.

Powdery mildew is my biggest concern with the pumpkins, cucumbers and squash, so I sprayed both the tops and bottoms of the leaves. The long wand handle on the garden sprayer is ideal for spraying upward to get the bottom of the leaves.

At some point this season, I’m probably going to do some A / B testing, meaning I’ll leave some plants untreated while preventatively spraying the others to see if I can get some PM to develop.  At this point though, I want the plants to get bigger.

Spraying with GreenCure

Spraying GreenCure on Underside of Leaves

It is always best to spray in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the hot sun and potential for burning. As everyone knows, even water sprayed on tomatoes for example during the bright midday sun can scald leaves. This is a perfect day to spray because it is cloudy and muggy so the solution will spread fully across the leaves and stems and slowly dry. This brings the active ingredient, potassium bicarbonate directly in contact with any spores that have landed on the plants and further creates a protective barrier for the spores yet to invade.

One Response to “Weather Watching & Disease Control”

  1. Stuart says:

    Hi, Pete!

    Your giant pumpkin plants are looking good! Glad to see the progress of the last couple of weeks. You should allow your giant pumpkin to set 9′-12′ from where the vine comes out of the ground in order to allow plenty of space for your giant pumpkin when it gets to be 500 pounds+. If a pumpkin sets too close to where the vine comes out of the ground, say, 1′-6′, it will eventually pull the main root out of the ground. You’ll want to cull any pumpkins that set too close to where the vine comes out of the ground.

    Good luck!